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It’s Real.

Climate change activist have been fighting for green reform for years. Scientists have been warning us of the consequences for years. Yet, a large portion of the population still believes climate change is a hoax. How do you combat denial? Education.

What We Do

Free Events

It’s Real holds multiple events throughout the year that aim to provide an engaging platform to educate the public on the facts and figures about climate change. Events are panel discussions, seminars, science fairs, book drives, and more. All of these events are free to the public, and we only ask that you donate what you are able to.

Volunteer Opportunities

Each year over 3,000 volunteers join us in setting up wildlife clean-ups, clothes and furniture swaps, recycling events, and making teams for races and marathons to raise money for climate change research and education.

Providing Educational Resources

We provide recycling bins, compost bins, compostable cutlery, sustainable meal options, reusable water bottles, and repurposed playground equipment to schools who may not be able to afford to implement these green changes into their buildings.

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About Us

This site is not representative of a real organization, this is a final project for educational purposes in a strategic communications class. Our team members are Libby, Maia, Carolyn, Emma, and Claire and we are students studying abroad in London, England.

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